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GIEA Introduction

Guangdong International Economy Association

The Guangdong International Economy Association(GIEA) was founded in Guangzhou city, the capital of Guangdong province, China on 23rd,Dec 2009 after the world financial crisis by a group of influential scholars, professionals well-known entrepreneurs as well as some most important enterprises within Guangdong province.

1. GIEA's key functions

▲Building up talent tank to organize research on economic security related issues and deliver suggestions to government;

▲Promoting the communication and corporation between the Pan-Pearl River Delta and other regions all over the world;

▲Organizing economy related forums;

▲Offering training program on economic security;

▲Providing legal and technical consultancy services to enterprises, especially to association members;

▲Promoting the concept of economic security via GIEA website and the Economic Security Online magazine.

2. GIEA's unique advantage

▲Guangdong based

1. Guangdong is the largest coastal province in south China, adjacent to Hong Kong.

2.In2018 GDP of Guangdong province has achieved 9.73 trillion RMB

3. In2018, the total amount of import and export of Guangdong province reached over 7 trillion RMB.

4. Pillar industries include petrochemical automobile, electronics and telecommunication equipment, garment and textile, etc.

▲Close relationship with the local government

GIEA has close and extensive relationship with the local government, especially with the Development and Reform Commission of Guangdong Province, the Economic Information Commission of Guangdong Province, and State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Guangdong Province.

▲Rotating presidency system

GIEA'S rotating presidencies are all top ranking large state-owned corporations, covering most of the crucial industries within Guangdong, they are:

1. Guangdong Guangye Group Co., LTD

Business segments include alternative energy and environmental friendly business such as operating wind farms, biomass power plants and sewage treatment piants; iron ore mining electric and machinery equipment manufacturing like car parts and lithium battery.

2. Guangdong Rising Assets Management Co., LTD

Non-ferrous metal related business is the dominant segment, including mining smelting as well as trading.

3. Guangdong Energy Group Co., LTD

Energy Group is the largest utility group in Guangdong, possessing strong competence in both traditional and alternative energy sectors.

4. Guangdong Hengjian Investment Holding Co., LTD.

One of the main Inancing and investing platforms for state-owned enterprises and state-owned capital in Guangdong province.